Instantly access data about YOUR COMPANY and the JOB MARKET once you sign up.

Sliips Points are only required to unlock analytics at OTHER COMPANIES

What do I use Sliips Points for?

Instant Access

Your Company

Know what you are paid compared to others at your company. Explore what progression would mean and how different roles are compensated.

Instant Access

Your Job Market

Access information about your job market. Compare your current job across the industries and across the nation to see what a move would look like.

Sliips is based on SHARING. Sharing data or referring your friends gives you SLIIPS POINTS, used to unlock analytics at other companies.

How do you get Sliips Points?

Refer your friends

You gain points for referring people, because the quality of our information is directly related to how many users we have, we we value your recommendation above everything else.

Tell us your salary

Your salary information is key to the success of our platform. Every payslip you give us grants you more points, even those from jobs you no longer work at.

Answer Questions

Occasionally we will ask you additional questions that we think might have an impact on happiness or salary, answering these will give you additional Sliips Points.