Sliips is run by a team of people that believe in Pay Transparency.

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Tom Pickard

Runs all the tech stuff, makes sure the fancy graphs work and keeps all the cogs and wheels spinning

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Samantha Webb

Writes our amazing content and works with the community to keep Sliips in touch with what our users want

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Patrick McConnell

Sorts out everything that makes a company tick, works with our partner organisations and customers

Why we started Sliips:

We want to know what fair is

What is your fair salary? It's hard to know for sure because there is no reliable source. Our aim is to find out, and tell you for free.

While respecting your privacy

We wanted to achieve detailed analysis but, we hate 'free' services that sell our data, without our knowledge, resulting in spam emails and calls further down the line.

By monetising fairly

Sliips is a company, with staff and infrastructure. We need to have an income in order to run, but we don't do that at the expense of your sensitive data - see the section below for full details.

And thinking about the future

We know there is more to life than salary. We are developing Sliips to understand everything from maternity leave to company culture. We want to make a tool for any career decision.

We REFUSE to be 'that' company which takes your data, offers you something for free, then lets you down.

How we generate income

It's your data - you should know what we do with it

You get free access to real-time data at any company you submit a payslip for. We operate a points system that is fully explained here, but in short, if you send us data, you can unlock companies you don't work at for free.

Sliips Points

Sliips is free for your company, and the wider job market. For other companies, you either need to earn points by submitting payslips, or if you are in a rush - you can buy points with cash. More info here.


We will provide a service that lets companies perform real-time salary benchmarking. The data will be aggregate and completely anonymous. They will see the same data you see, but through different tools.


We will be placing adverts on our platform. This will be non-invasive and relevant to you. Advertisers will never know who you are.

I still have questions!

Cool - we want to be open about things.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page
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Or, just talk to us directly, we would love to hear from you!